Monday, January 25, 2010

1:Laptop bag
~P:Soft and Cushioned, keeps laptop safe, can be carried easily
~I: -
~E: -
~S:Can help us carry the laptop around and can be share to do work
2:An Anklet
~P:Light sometimes has bells.Made of chains
~I:Makes nosies (maybe your friend will know where you are).A present
~E:Its important to me because my grandmother gave it to me when i was young.
~S: -
3:MRT station
~P:Fast transport , rather cheap
~I: -
~E:I like it because it is fast
~S:Brings people around to meet other which helps us socially
4:Watching a movie
~P:It is a film
~I: -
~E:It has some very good movies
~S:Friends come together to watch

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